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Membership Training and Rewards from the industry's engineering and      plumbing experts

REHAU's rich history stretches back more than five decades and continues to be the sturdy foundation that spurs our growth.This allows us to guarantee our customers, clients and partners first-rate quality derived from superior engineering and world-class expertise. The range of systems we manufacture and the services we provide are further testament to our passion for excellence.

The extensive experience we have amassed has also facilitated an in-depth understanding and knowledge of training and certification which we take great pride in offering you. If you aspire to master your craft and set your services apart from the competition with undeniable expertise, our training and certification will be of value to you. Another hallmark and initiative we have undertaken to help enrich the careers of plumbers far and wide, is our membership rewards program. For more information on these initiatives, contact us today.


This membership portal has been designed specifically for you. The driving force and premise of this portal is to give you access to both training and certification that maximises your potential in plumbing, and a membership rewards program that provides you with some of the best systems on the market.

Rewards Program

Earn fantastic rewards and win great prizes as part of the REHAU Genunine Advantage Program.

Training Certification

Keep your crew at the top of their game with free training through the REHAU online Academy.

Design Solutions

MyREHAU members receive exclusive access to our system design team, who can assist with specifications, layouts, sizing and performance calculations for your projects.

Success Stories

We pride ourselves on the success of the plumbers installing REHAU products in projects of all kind, irrespective of size, value or reputation.

How our Membership Rewards Program Works

Simply complete our easy-to-fill-in sign-up form and submit it accordingly. Once that’s done, a verification email will be sent to you,so you can activate your account and get access to a world of benefits. Once, your account has been activated you will also be prompted to complete some additional information such as ABN and Reece account number. This will effectively grant you entry into the coveted REHAU Rewards Program Program*

As you continue to make purchases on products that are part of the program, you will accumulate points which can then be redeemed for rewards. These rewards range from high-quality REHAU tools to accessories and merchandise.

1   Complete Sign-up form
2   Receive verification email
3   Activate your account
4   Provide your ABN and
Reece Account Number for entry into
REHAU’s Rewards Program
*You must be an ABN and Reece customer account holder to join REHAU Rewards Program.

Training & certification at Your Fingertips

There was a time when training and certification was only available in a single location and was dependent on one spending a fortune. Recognising a gap in the industry and a growing need to provide greater access to the highest standard of training became evident.

Your Personal Project Consultant

Since our inception, REHAU has always strived to offer comprehensive services and products of the highest standard and quality. That’s why we work tirelessly to introduce expert design services. These services are just on the horizon and coming soon. They will include underfloor heating quotation, performance calculations and pipe layout designs as well as pipe sizing, hydraulics design support, and more.
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