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myREHAU | RAUPIANO PLUS: Reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission

Posted on 29 July 2021


Over the past 18 months, the world as we know it has changed. With the rise of COVID-19 transmissions throughout the world, hygiene measures, social distancing and personal safety have become the new norm in our everyday lives and this is being reflected in the plumbing industry as well. Risks of transmission needs to be reduced where possible and in the construction industry this would mean to have less time spent on site and also less people involved in the tasks.


Fortunately, with the RAUPIANO PLUS drainage range, REHAU is able offer the plumbing industry an innovative solution to help reduce the risk of transmission. As construction must continue, an effective solution to minimising workers and their time on site is to utilise the RAUPIANO PLUS Acoustic Drainage System for projects in which sound lagging is required for stack-work and drains.


Fast installation and less people involved

RAUPIANO PLUS is an acoustically rated polypropylene drainage system approved for both residential projects and trade waste*.  The rubber ring seals provide a faster installation when compared with PVC or HDPE allowing for less time for workers on site. Being acoustically rated also means less number of workers involved as laggers are not required to be on site after the plumbers have completed their installation of the drainage.


RAUPIANO PLUS conforms to the BCA/NCC rating for habitable areas when installed behind a 10mm plasterboard ceiling without the need for lagging due to the pipe being made from a dense Mineral Reinforced PolyPropylene, its modular sound absorbing bends and its Sound-Dampening brackets that minimise sound transfer between the pipe and building structure.

RAUPIANO PLUS has been used in commercial projects including hospitals, apartments and aged-care facilities as well as residential applications throughout Australia. Installers have saved time and materials by using RAUPIANO PLUS for their projects and minimised the amount of tradies coming in contact with each other.

 For further information on how RAUPIANO can assist with keeping your sites safe, please visit or contact your local Area Sales Manager.

*For industrial applications consult your local REHAU office

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