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myREHAU | Introduction to the AWASHAFT range

Posted on 30 July 2021



REHAU has long been heralded as an industry leader in the global civil engineering and infrastructure sphere. In Australia, in the civil sector, REHAU is known for its AWASHAFT Polypropylene (PP) Maintenance structures and AWADOCK fittings range which makes one great choice for a revolutionised sewage and wastewater system.


AWASHAFT is available in four differing configurations. DN400 Maintenance Shaft – DN600 Maintenance Chamber – DN800 Maintenance Chamber and DN1000 Maintenance Hole. Associated components make up each AWASHAFT chamber allowing for ease of installation. Components such channelled bases, differing height risers, tapered cones and associated fittings all making AWASHAFT a SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE, SAFE and TIME AFFECTIVE installation. 


With AWASHAFT’s component construction methods, it can add benefit to many asset owners by eliminating groundwater infiltration and exfiltration into the surrounding environment.



AWASHAFT is here to change the market forever by providing innovative and intelligent options to the traditional solutions. The range adds benefits to the sewer system, the installers and also to the planet through its efficient production process. As of now, this is how AWASHAFT compares to the existing solutions:


  • Certification
    • Certified to ISO Type 5 and appraised by WSAA to WSA 137: 2019 Issue 3. In addition, the DN400 Maintenance Shaft is also Watermark-certified.


  • Materially sound
    • AWASHAFT DN400 Maintenance Shaft is made of strong quality Polypropylene which makes it the strongest on the market.
    • Produced in manufacturing facility certified to the Australian, European and American standards
    • Resistant corrosion and to aggressive H2S gasses that as present within all sewer systems.


  • Inspection friendly
    • Its formed channels in the base caters for inspection
    • Light orange colour enables for clear images through CCTV cameras.


  • Installation & maintenance
    • AWASHAFT is 95% lighter, faster, safer to install than conventional chambers.
    • Its easy access and flexibility makes it very easy and convenient to operate and maintain the sewer system.


  • Life span of AWASHAFT Chambers
    • AWASHAFT has more than 100 years lifetime durability, providing that it is installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 
    • AWASHAFT is by far the most durable sewer maintenance range. REHAU even provides a 10-year guarantee for the complete AWASHAFT range which includes the cost of installation and upgrading according to the conditions of the REHAU warranty document.


 The range is an off-the-shelf product that is available through the Reece network nationally, so, there is no lead time for fabrication and the modular installation method which enables the installer to utilise AWASHAFT for any installation height.


For more information, please contact your REHAU representative or call our Sydney Office on 1300 768 033 or email us on or visit

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