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myREHAU | AWASHAFT Case Study: Yatala Trial - Gold Coast

Posted on 30 July 2021


Case study: City of Gold Coast Trial by SEE Civil 



REHAU, in conjunction with REECE Civil, Gassman and SEE Civil, have identified a major gap in the supply chain for concrete structures which is potentially causing expensive delays to projects within the City of Gold Coast. Pouring concrete in situ is an option but these still have long curing times plus require lining with Polyethylene adding extra time, cost and site preparations. After discussion with and acceptance from the City of Gold Coast, REHAU and REECE were given the approval to trial 2 AWASHAFT Maintenance Holes in the Vantage Industrial Estate.



The requirement of this working trial is to highlight the longevity, ease of installation and lifespan of REHAU AWASHAFT PolyPropylene (PP) Maintenance Holes over the use of existing concrete and PolyEthylene (PE) Lining Maintenance Holes. REHAU presented a cost effective solution for Maintenance Holes with a 100-year design life with minimal maintenance suitable for all subdivisions within the City of Gold Coast.



Our aim is to provide a solution that meets the overall requirements of the City of Gold Coast and gain the approval for future installations within the City of Gold Coast as outlined in the WSAA 137 code. The reason for these working trials is to achieve approval to IPAM list for South East Queensland as well as general acceptance for AWASHAFT products installed in all subdivisions. 



Our distribution partner, REECE Civil Nerang, approached REHAU to help with a solution.

The REHAU AWASHAFT lightweight modular PP Maintenance hole was chosen to replace the traditional concrete PE lined solution at 4.4m deep (Max depth outlined in WSAA 137 is 6m.)

AWASHAFT is 95% lighter than concrete, is 100% infiltration proof and exfiltration proof, has a 10-year warranty and a 100-year design life. AWASHAFT also has a chemical resistance from PH 1-13.

These attributes make AWASHAFT DN 1000 the perfect solution.

Awashaft that can be easily lifted into place and fitted in the trench as required and is easy to adjust to the final height


Onsite Training and consultation with the SEE Civil team and CoGC Staff was provided.


  • Firstly, the base was easily positioned into place and the base was levered onto the waiting pipe.
  •  The 7mm chip is compacted into place and level was checked, The M type EDPM rubber was installed, checked and ready for the first riser.
  •  Final instructions were then given to complete the 4.4m installation. 
  • The Shaft was constructed as the pipe laying team backfilled the trench, 7mm chip surrounds the DN1000 Maintenance hole, giving it the perfect environment to achieve the expected minimum 100 year design life. 



The AWASHAFT was easy to install and meets all aspects of what was required by the City of Gold Coast.  REHAU looks forward to achieving a complete acceptance from the City of Gold Coast with an addition to CoGC IPAM list of accepted products within all subdivisions up to a depth of 6m.


REHAU AWASHAFT is the ideal solution for all your Sewer Access Structures, Terminal Maintenance Shafts, Maintenance Shafts, Maintenance Chambers and Maintenance Holes.

For more information, please contact your REHAU representative or call our Sydney Office on 1300 768 033 or email us on

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