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myREHAU | RAUTITAN vs Copper in Large Bore Installations

Posted on 05 August 2021

RAUTITAN vs Copper: Advantages and Benefits    



In the plumbing industry, traditional materials such as copper have most been favoured for medium and large bore projects due to their proven record in commercial projects. REHAU brought RAUTITAN pipes and fittings to Australia in 1991 with a full range available from 16mm to 63mm which will satisfy small residential projects to larger installations requiring hot water flow and return lines.


Since the beginning, RAUTITAN has been utilised in large commercial projects, such as apartment blocks, hospitals and schools, which ultimately can have a significant impact on the environment and the economy of the surrounding community. These projects utilise highly complex water, gas, sewer and drainage systems and require advanced plumbing solutions that provide a high level of reliability, quality and innovation.


The RAUTITAN system has been chosen in these projects due to its price competitiveness, its longevity and ease of installation.

RAUTITAN is approved for continuous hot water flow and return lines up to 70°C with both brass and polymer fittings. The range includes a variety of pipes used for different purposes including Platinum, Red, Green (Rainwater) and Lilac (Recycled Water) and is stocked in over 500 Reece branches throughout Australian and New Zealand.


Benefits of RAUTITAN vs Traditional Copper installations:

•           4 times lighter, more flexible and durable than copper

•           Freeze-break resistant as it expands when frozen

•           Has a smooth interior wall that is resistant to scaling and deposit build-up

•           Up to 75% reduction in water hammer

•           Generates up to 4 times less sound than metal pipes

•           Ease of installation – 100m Coils and 5m Straight Lengths

•           25 Year Warranty with a minimum 50 Year Design Life

•           Less Environmental Impact


Since 2021, the raw copper price has increased 20.09% and is forecasted to have a continual increase for the next 12 months (Trading Economics, 2021). With metal pricing forecast to be increasing, now is the perfect time to look at RAUTITAN as an alternative to copper in projects.


For further information on the benefits of RAUTITAN for your next project, please visit or speak with your local REHAU Representative for a quote.


For more information, please contact your REHAU representative or call our Sydney Office on 1300 768 033 or email us on or visit

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