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myREHAU | Lead-Free RAUTITAN - Introduction

Posted on 26 August 2021

RAUTITAN Lead-Free Range Introduction


REHAU has launched the new range of Lead-Free fittings in Australia utilising new and existing componentry within the RAUTITAN Drinking Water System. Water hygiene is paramount to REHAU and we continue to strengthen our commitment to bringing safe and clean water to the wider community. In 2016, researchers from the Macquarie University in Sydney conducted a study that tested drinking water in NSW and found that 8% of the homes tested had levels of lead above the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ABC News 2018). REHAU has taken the initiative to counter this situation by introducing the new RAUTITAN Lead-Free fittings into the plumbing market due to the rising interest in leaded products currently in use within Australia.

RAUTITAN Lead-Free has already been accepted in several projects throughout Australia and has been most commonly installed in school projects. The VSBA (Victorian School Building Authority) has included that a Lead-Free plumbing system is to be installed on all drinking water services in new Victorian schools or in upgrades to existing schools. 

The new RAUTITAN fittings consist of Lead-Free Brass which covers all threaded fittings from 16mm to 25mm, PXsr non-threaded fittings in 16mm and 20mm and Lead-Free Brass non-threaded fittings in 25mm.

U-Bends are also included within this new range of fittings to minimise stagnation of the drinking water services, which further increases REHAU’s commitment to safe, clean and hygienic drinking water. The new Lead-Free fittings, in conjunction with the existing RAUTITAN Polymer Sleeve and PE-Xa Pipe provide for a complete Lead-Free Drinking Water system.

The RAUTITAN Lead-Free fittings do not require any additional tooling or accessories to the current REHAU range of tools and allows for an easier transition for existing users to install Lead-Free plumbing within any project.

The full range of RAUTITAN Lead-Free products comes with a 25-year warranty, having a 50-year design life, creating a safe and hygienic solution for your project long after the products have been installed. The RAUTITAN Lead-Free range of products are stocked at over 500 branches through the Reece Plumbing Network.

Please check out the Lead-Free RAUTITAN product book or visit or contact your local Reece Branch for further information.

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