With recent changes to the National Construction Code, automatic fire sprinklers are now mandatory in some specific types of apartment buildings and can be serviced by the building's polymer plumbing system water supply. As a result, REHAU RAUTITAN PE-Xa Plumbing system is now suitable for automatic fire sprinkler installations in such buildings.

REHAU's RAUPIANO Plus range is approved for high-temperature trade waste applications such as in restaurants, fast food outlets etc. RAUPIANO Plus is known for it high temperature resistance, aggressive chemical resistance, sound dampening capacity and quick rubber ring joint assembly. 

Demonstration of how to make a perfect and leak-proof REHAU joint using an L1 Tool.

The more REHAU products you purchase from Reece stores, the more rewards you earn in terms of points which you can use to buy tools, accessories, tool service vouchers or merchandise on myREHAU e-store. 

Through REHAU’s commitment to help people consume the cleanest and purest water possible, REHAU ANZ has introduced the first Lead-Free PE-X plumbing range to Australia and New Zealand. REHAU’s Lead-Free RAUTITAN consists of our renowned premium quality, high flexibility PE-Xa PN20 pipe (zero lead) combined with PVDF PXsr (zero lead) polymer fittings, Lead-Free Gunmetal (RX+) fittings and PX polymer sleeves (zero lead) to create the safest and healthiest plumbing system on the planet.

myREHAU e-Store is an online platform where you can buy REHAU tools, accessories, tool service vouchers and merchandises using points or points + pay. This video show the step-by-step process about how to purchase through the e-store.

A short video demonstrating the quickness and ease of assembling the REHAU L1 compression tool

A crucial component of correct fittings is the maintenance of the tools used. Ensure consistency with the perfect REHAU joint by following these simple steps to keep the expander head clean and ready to use

REHAU's PXsr - the new solvent resistant polymer compression fittings. This range of fittings is corrosion proof, lead-free, lightweight and additionally, has been proven for many years to be resistent to aggresive solvents that are available on building sites.

Demosntration of the key steps available in a hydronic underfloor heating installation.

As claimed by workers on site, REHAU's Awashaft Polypropylene Manhole is quicker easier and lighter with high manoevrability as opposed to the concrete manhole. 

This video shows a comparison of a battery tool versus the REHAU L1 tool for sleeves compression. It concludes that the L1 Tool is as good as the battery tool and take around the same time for sleeve compression.

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